👋 Hi, nice to see you here! I am ☟

Rosario Toscano

For 15 years I have been studying and working to improve the usability and performance of websites, landing pages and e-commerce. Today I work for MOCA Interactive

🏅 I am CXL Conversion Optimizer (2018)

Improve the usability of the site, empower the UX and get more results with the same traffic

I am a conversion rate optimization specialist. For work, but also in life, I tend to focus on the things that matter.

Some of the companies I have had the pleasure of working with

Diffusione Tessile, Eurospin Viaggi, Findomestic, Giglio, Naturasì, Onlinestore, Randstad, Smeg, UnipolSai, Venezianico, Wolters Kluwer

UX and CRO training

Poste Italiane, Pubblitalia80, Gruppo Sigma, Università di Parma, Talent Garden Milano, Vodafone, Wolters Kluwer

What do I specifically

How I use to work

Real-time audit of usability analysis

Analysis of your e-commerce, site or landing in order to identify critical issues and areas for improvement. Lots of information in a short time, which you can use immediately.

Data analytics and user research

List of insights and related evidence of how people use your site. You will get the synthesis of data and relative insights with an operational plan to improve the user experience of your website.

Continuous optimization and experiments program

Starting with data, we follow a roadmap of changes and experiments to improve every page of your site – minimizing any risk of loss.

Landing page design per il marketing

Based on the promotion strategy (digital advertising, email marketing, or offline campaigns), I design the most appropriate landing page for the purpose of the campaign.

Training about UX and CRO, remotely or in-house

I make everything I know available, adapting the training to your objectives, times and context. Qualitative and quantitative research, AB tests and other hypothesis validation methods.

Temporary e-commerce manager

I coordinate and grow your project and your employees within a specific time, generating results. We do, and I’ll teach you, how to spend what you need, being guided by data, asking yourself the right questions

If you want to contact me, write to me now before you forget it