I am an unusual consultant because I tend not to share my opinions but rather evidence of data, numbers and experiences of your client.

I am a specialized and certified Conversion Optimizer CXL (since 2018) – and I have had many other experiences in digital marketing, before and during direct experience with usability, user experience and conversion rates.

Here I’ll tell you how I do what I do.

How I got here

Since 2006 I have studied a lot and had many different experiences.
My curiosity for this subject has allowed me to acquire a lot of knowledge in the areas of performance, UX, and optimization of the browsing and purchasing experience.

Specifically, I did many different things, partly because it was my official role and partly out of passion. I did, I made mistakes, I learned.

  • Project manager for the redesign of websites, e-commerce, blogs, and landing pages.
  • Email marketing, from strategy to integration with ERP, up to the editorial plan, the creation of campaigns, and data analysis. I mainly worked with Mailchimp, but I’ve also used Mailup, Contactlab.
  • Web analyst for performance monitoring: from the design of customized tracking, KPIs, and data analysis.
  • Coordinated external agencies for traffic acquisition through SEO and SEA. At the time when social advertising was in its infancy and very little mature.
  • I created my own site made for Adsense, in the insurance sector, with which I dealt with SEO optimization: I didn’t become rich, but it was a good experience.
  • I created, designed and managed my own Jewelry and Watches e-commerce site for 10 years. This experience has allowed me to greatly expand my knowledge because I know what it means to be on the other side. And I have also seen first-hand everything related to e-commerce.

Today I have several gray hairs and many experiences to share and make available.

I have had the privilege of being a speaker at several events over the past few years.

It is something I do with great pleasure because it is a great opportunity to be able to interact with an audience, receive questions, and make lessons learned and useful experiences available.

  • Ecommerceday, Turin 2023
  • We Make Future, Rimini 2022
  • Meet Magento Italy, Venice 2018
  • AdWorld Experience, Bologna 2018
  • WMExpo, Padova 2017
  • Vicenza Oro, Vicenza 2017
  • Marketers Festival, Treviso 2017
  • SMXL, Milan 2016
  • BTO, Florence 2016

Topics that I am passionate about, which I have experience with, and which I am happy to talk about in conferences in person or remotely:

  • Quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • Management of relationships with customers and stakeholders
  • Hypothesis validation processes and methods
  • E-commerce optimization and landing pages