The main mistakes that marketing people make, too often. Even today.

Ask the development agency for a quote, without having first designed the site’s functionality and target’s needs.

Far scrivere i testi del sito dal marketing o chi per loro, invece di investire nella figura del copywriter specializzata su conversion e ux.

Let’s write the copy of the website or landing pages by themself, instead of investing in the figure of the copywriter (very important).

Do online marketing, investing money, without considering a specific landing page per each intent, with a single main goal.

A website without data collected on Google Analytics (for example) and related economic metrics configured.

Redesign the site because it is old, with no browsing behavior data available.

Evaluate the quality of the site, following your point of view and not listening to what visitors who don’t buy think.

Investing a lot of time and resources on useless site features that no one uses or that don’t generate revenue for you.

I may write a book per each experience, but I would like to share at least the main reasons why I consider them big marketing problems, with huge impact on user experience and conversions.

To be continued.